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Ray Horner Podcast - 2/5/2020 Featured

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:17 - February is Black History Month, and each day, Ray Horner will interview a member of the community who has been of influence and made a difference. Today, Ray sat down with Russ Neal from Akron City Council.

7:42 - Dr. David Cohen is from the Bliss Institute at the University of Akron, and he attempted to discuss everything in the political world. Topics included last night’s State of the Union Address from President Trump, the impeachment case wrapping up in the Senate, the Iowa Caucus fallout, and the Democratic candidates for president.

14:09 - Is the Coronavirus dying down or will it continue to spread? Summa Health’s Dr. Thomas File is an expert in infectious diseases, and he shared some thoughts with Ray.

19:30 - Manchester’s Jim France is the winningest coach in Ohio high school football, and he was recently honored by the Ohio House of Representatives.

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